Below are the prices for massages and services. Check out our savings with Membership Pricing, or the 3 or 6 Massage Package Deals below.

Membership Pricing (2018):

60 Minute Massages: 
Membership$62 (Compare to the regular price of $89!)
Students / Teacher$59
Military / Veteran$59
90 Minute Massages: 
Membership$92 (Compare to the regular price of $119!)
Student / Teacher$89
Military / Veteran$89
120 Minute Massages 
Membership$122 (Compare to the regular price of $178!)
Student / Teacher$119
Military / Veteran$119

Massage Package Deals

Pregnancy Massage

Save money and get a great deal!

These are our package deals for massage therapy.

Makes a great gift for you or a loved one!

Packages Price Per Item
30 minute THREE pack $114 $38/massage
60 minute THREE pack $216 $72/massage
90 minute THREE pack $324 $108/massage
120 minute THREE pack $438 $146/massage
60 minute SIX pack  $408 $68/massage
90 minute SIX pack $588 $98/massage

Regular Pricing

Massage TimePrice 
30 minutes$45
60 minutes$89
90 minutes$119
120 minutes$178
Hot Stones (As an addon)$15 

90 Minute Massage Upgrade (from 60 min)


Upgrade any of our fabulous massages from 60 minutes to 90 minutes.

That’s an extra half hour to enjoy your pampering a while longer or simply allow more time for loosening those stubborn stiff spots!