MembershipMineral Bodyworks likes to reward our loyal clients with low prices and other benefits.
We know that life can be hectic, and we can’t always take time off from our busy lives to pamper ourselves with massages. For that very reason Mineral Bodyworks has come up with a new way for you to get your massages at a low rate without having to remember to book within thirty (30) days of your last massage session.
Now at Mineral Bodyworks you can sign a 1 year membership contract to keep those low rates all year long, and the best part is, like before, you do not need to pay any membership fees.

Highlights of the Membership contract:

– No fees, just pay for your massage every month through direct withdrawal or credit card charge,
– Your massages accumulate (carry over to the next month) if you are unable to come in once a month,
– After 3 months, the contract can be cancelled at any time without penalties or cancellation fees.
– Massages under contract rate are nontransferable and cannot be changed for other services and/or gift cards.
– Get discounts on gift cards and massages so that you can treat others (or yourself).
– After your 12th month of your contract for massages, you will get a free 60 minute massage. Really, it’s on the house!
Contact us today to inquire about our contract or to sign up.

Membership Pricing (2015):

60 Minute Massages: 
Membership$56  (Compare to the regular price of $80!)
Law/ Firefighter$50
Active Military$50
Teacher/ Veterans$48
90 Minute Massages: 
Membership$78 (Compare to the regular price of $105!)
Law/ Firefighter$70
Active Military$70
Teacher/ Veterans$68
120 Minute Massages 
Membership$105 (Compare to the regular price of $145!)
Law/ Firefighter$95
Active Military$95
Teacher/ Veterans$90