Steam Therapy


Our steam therapy opens pores, soothes sore muscles, increases circulation, hydrates the skin, helps eliminate toxins and provides a generally relaxing and healthy experience. 

Only available as add on to any service. 
Steam Shower TimePrice
20 minutes$20

All-Natural Lotion

MB Serenity

With the calming effects of lavender and the antioxidants in vanilla, our essential all-natural lotion will help your skin achieve that youthful glow. Handmade in Texas, our lotion is made with all-natural products to help dry and cracked skin become smooth & velvety. Not only does our all-natural lotion smell amazing; its moisturizing properties are undeniable & unique!

Lotion 15ml$4.50
Lotion 30ml$6.55
Lotion 50ml$7.50

Lip Treatment – Lip Balm

MB lip balm

Handmade in Texas, our all-natural lip balm treatment, made with protective organic ingredients is used to help soothe cracked or chapped lips. The Vitamin E oil with its moisturizing properties creates silky smooth & hydrated lips. Choose flavors like Vanilla for soothing or Peppermint for a little tingle!

Lip Balm Tubes$2.20
Lip Balm Jars$2.32

Hydrating Oil

MB Serenity

Used in all of our therapeutic massages, our hydrating massage oil is handmade with only the finest organic ingredients to assist in moisturizing your skin. Created with Shea Nut Oil and Vitamin E our mineral-rich oil will nourish & rejuvenate your skin to keep it hydrated and restored!

Oil 15ml$4.90
Oil 30ml$6.95
Oil 50ml$7.90