Simply lie down for 15 minutes as the therapeutic power of dry hydrotherapy conquers the pain and stress of your day.

Swedish Massage
Hydromassage TimePrice 
15 minutes$15

Call ahead to see availability and come in 15 minutes before your massage appointment or whenever you need a pick me up!

*Usage subject to availability. Call (979)431-1211 for more information

Sports Massage

Hydromassage Tables promote relaxation, enhance healing, improve cellular nutrition and reduce stress by offering the following therapeutic qualities:


Simulates the benefits of meditation

Calming your mind and body

Shifting your focus to the deep

Penetrating action of moving water


Whirling stainless steel jets direct powerful waves of water

Reaching your body with serious tension melting massage therapy


Soothes as it dilates blood vessels

Speeds healing, and

Relaxes spasmed muscles

Cancellation Policy

We at Mineral Bodyworks appreciate our clients for their continued business and our staff for their hard work. In order to provide you with the best service possible we treat our therapist with respect for their time. For this reason we have established a cancellation policy fee of $35 applied to the client when cancellation is done with less than 24 hours in advance or if client fails to show up for their appointment.